Jungle Hostel Barcelos


During the day it is not easy to spot wildlife. Only sloths, giant otters ,dolphins,toucans & other birds.Because most animals keep cool in the shade minimizing their activities during the heat.

More luck you will have at dawn and dusk . Then the monkeys, macaws & other parrots flock together for roosting. So you have to get up early ( 5 o’clock AM ) or make a tour starting late afternoon. We map most animals with our GPS (Garmin eTrex 30) and take the coordinates where our guests have spotted them the last time. But it is no guarantee to spot them next time at the same place !

Much better chance is by night. With our powerful searchlight, we can see from the canoe the lurking lightening eyes of crocodiles . With our nightvision camera we can go by boat deep in the jungle creeks ( Igarapes) or hide out in the observation tower in a hammock. Before dark we also set with our guests various photo traps using our automatic nightvision camera with movement detection. We use all sorts of bait and we will analyze the next day after breakfast our nocturnal visitors. It will be always a surprise ! The photos or videos you can send from the hostel’s WiFi via email to your friends instead of sending a boring postcard. Let your friends be eyewitnesses of your ULTIMATE ADVENTURE IN THE HEART OF THE AMAZON.