Jungle Hostel Barcelos

Welcome to the Jungle Town of Barcelos

Located in the heart of the pristine Amazon Rain forest.
With all the untouched beauties of the Rio Negro.
By the Mariua Archipelago, the world’s largest river archipelago
And just one day by boat from Manaus.

Barcelos is the former capital of Amazonas.
Half way between Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira and Manaus.
It is currently the easiest place to enjoy the unmatched splendours of the Rio Negro.
A river of cool dark waters: an arm of the Amazon you can swim in, and even drink.

Barcelos is a friendly place, is on a walkable human scale, and is still largely unvisited. The town itself has about 2000 families, a hospital, an internet cafe, 4 supermarkets, 5 restaurants, a Bradesco Bank and a Banco do Brasil, both with ATMs. As you can see on Google Earth, it is surrounded by the Jungle and the Rio Negro. The town is very easily travelled by foot or bicycle.

The makes for an excellent and accommodating base for discovering and exploring the unique and renowned natural wealth of Amazonia.

The great attractions are the wide river and its islands: and the untouched prime rain forest with its unique wildlife, its huge biodiversity and lush vegetation, its white sandy beaches and its vast fishing grounds. These are all on the doorstep of the city, which is only forty-eight hours from Europe or North America.

The area is an international destination for Sports Fishing, yet is full of other possibilities for hiking, swimming, canoeing, river wildlife, jungle wildlife, birds, and more. The absence of any polluting industry has kept this environment clean and unspoiled and there is no mass tourism. The whole area of Barcelos has just 25,000 people living in an area a quarter of the size of France.

Hostel Barcelos itself offers experienced guides, an 8m boat, and a huge range of inexpensive possibilities: jungle hikes, jungle camping, jungle gardens, jungle outposts, boat rides, fishing, canoeing, cycling, walking and more. It also offers a small pool.

Barcelos is known for its Ornamental Fish, which are exported all over the world Plus, every year on the last weekend of January, there is a 4 day FESTIVAL where the 2 traditional groups, the Acara Discs and the Cardinals, compete with each other through music, folklore, dance, and extravagantly costumed parades.

If you have time, the cheap and cheerful slow-boat from Manaus takes 26-32 hours, and is one of the greatest River Boat journeys on Earth.

Visitors are thrilled and amazed to find such a relaxed town, with its vast range of adventurous opportunities, so remarkably easy to reach. We offer you Barcelos, on the wide river, in the heart of the vast and untouched Rainforest.