Jungle Hostel Barcelos

How to get there

Latest update from  22 sept 2015.

By plane every Tuesday and Friday leaving Manaus at 12:30, returning same day at 17:30.
More info: Map Airlines


By speedboat(express lancha) ( duration 12 hours) from the new harbour of Sao Raimundo:
From  Manaus to Barcelos

every Tuesday   15.00  PM (express Diamantina or Taylor)  or    every   Friday  15.00 PM (express  Taylor or Diamantina )

From Barcelos  to Manaus

every Tuesday  19.00 PM  (duration 11 hours ) ( espress Diamantina or Taylor)    or   every    Friday 19.00 PM( duration 11 hours )( espress Taylor or Diamantina)

Price: 150 Reais per person one way ( all meals included )


The most relaxed and also  cheapest way to travel to  Barcelos is :

by traditional river boat ( Recreio ) from the new harbour of Sao Raimundo:

From Manaus  to  Barcelos

Tuesday( Vencedor 18.00PM,Genesis 18.00 PM ), Wednesday (Azevedo 18.00PM),   Friday    (Natal 18.00PM,Tanaka 18.00PM  and Genesis 18.00PM )( duration about 25 hours )
From Barcelos  to  Manaus

every Monday ( Natal 18.00 PM), Wednesday ( Genesis 11.00AM),  Friday     ( Vencedor 18.00PM) and Saturday (Tanaka 12.00AM and  Azevedo 18.00PM ) (duration about 25 hours)

Price: only 120 Reais per person  (bring your own hammock)  or  300 Reais for 2 persons ( for a private cabin with bunkbed )  breakfast, lunch and dinners  included