Jungle Hostel Barcelos


Although the river Rio Negro and other blackwater side rivers do have little mosquitos (because the high level of acidity of the water), it is still good to wear long pants & sleeves.Good repellents are for sale only outside Brazil.In Europe & the USA most outdoorshops have CarePlus anti-insect lotion (50% DEET),InsectEcran spray for clothes(Permethrine)or other good stuff.In the UK pharmacy chain Boots sells disposable tissues with even 100% DEET !The hostel provides mosquito nets for its guests.The hostel gets sprayed on a regular basis. Just avoid still water pools.(But our swimmingpool is filtered continuously and safe by using chlorine.)

The town of Barcelos has a basic hospital and healthcare is free (also for tourists).In the tropics a small(cutting) wound or blister can start to fester rapidly.Infections are dangerous,so please act quickly visiting the local medical centres.Maybe you should buy your special medecins at home instead of the 3 small local pharmacies. Start your adventure in a good health condition !

Barcelos is located near the equator, so you will need a strong UV protection/ sunblocker, you can buy cheaper at home. Avoid activities between noon and two o’clock (= 35° – 40° Celsius ) Just take a nap in a hammock in the shade or take a dip in the pool.Drink a lot preventing deshydration.

Barcelos is surrounded by tropical rainforest.It rains nearly every day often only for 10 minutes.But the rain can be very heavy (Also in the dry season).The rain season starts from April till August.Just wear light clothes which can dry quickly and/or a lightweight rainjacket. Bring along a head lamp/torch for when you want to camp on a mini-expedition.
Good sneakers are fine for hiking in the jungle.

Although the 5 local supermarkets have most basic staples, you can always bring special nutrition like muesli/wholegrain bars,dried fruit or dried trekking meals.

From September till March the many beaches are perfect for setting up camp with tents.Many guests prefer sleeping in a hammock instead of on inflatable matresses. In your outdoorshop you can find lightweight hammocks with mosquitonets integrated.

VISIT YOUR OUTDOORSHOP & PREPARE YOURSELF before you start your adventure in the heart of the Amazon !

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